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Environmental Monitoring Systems


Keeping your refrigerator at an ideal temperature is essential for optimal vaccine storage. Likewise, a strict-tolerance healthcare environment, like a surgical suite, requires a specific differential air pressure to prevent contamination. Environmental monitoring systems in Saskatchewan enable healthcare facilities to meet such requirements and comply with standards. 


Take control of your environment through OneVue Sense. The system monitors conditions like humidity and air pressure, freezer and refrigerator temperature, water leak, and contact closure through wireless sensors. The data collected is sorted and logged through the cloud-based OneVue software for compliance and administration. You receive a prompt alert if the system notices any deviations.


Do away with the erroneous task of manual monitoring and data logging. Let Chittronics Ltd help you adopt OneVue Sense monitoring solutions to improve safety and efficiency in your facility. Our team is here to provide complete assistance from design and installation to ongoing support. 


Keep your indoor temperature, humidity levels, and other crucial parameters in check with our environmental monitoring systems.

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