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The equipment (parts) warranty for all core system components, including control/switching equipment, power supplies, patient stations, sub-stations, and nurse consoles, shall extend to a total of at least five (5) years. Warranty for ancillary devices, such as pillow speakers and call cords, shall extend to a total of at least one (1) year. The manufacturer shall provide free-of-charge product firmware/software upgrades throughout the warranty period for any product feature enhancements.

Software maintenance fees begin one year after the installation of the software modules. Terms and conditions are detailed in the Chittronics Software Maintenance Agreement. Chittronics Ltd maintains a service department, necessary spare parts, and a 24-hour tech support telephone answering service.

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All products consist of a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. To inquire about a return, please contact us or complete the RMA form online.


Chittronics Ltd is dedicated to our end-users and the safety of their clients. Please follow the service triaging guide below to determine call severity.

Service shall be provided on the following basis:


Provided 24 hours a day. When a total or catastrophic failure of equipment is reported, service personnel will be in contact within one (1) hour of receiving a call to complete remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. If the issue is not resolved, a certified technician will be dispatched within three (3) hours of notification to Chittronics Ltd. (Examples of a catastrophic failure: hub failure, nurse console failure, centralized Code Call failure, or more than two patient rooms unable to communicate with the associated console.)


Provided within four (4) business hours (9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) of notification. When a minor failure of equipment is reported, a service person will be on-site within 24 hours of notification to Chittronics Ltd. (Examples of a minor failure: peripheral equipment such as bedside stations, entertainment speakers, corridor lights, Pull Cord stations, etc., which normally affects only one patient or patient room.)

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